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You are the King of your House Dads!

Updated: Feb 19

Attention Dads!

You dictate how the mood is going. You are the leader, the referee, and sometimes the peacekeeper. I’m talking only to real men! This not to take away from the ladies. Real men don’t play and handle their business when it’s necessary. They have learned to listen and talk to the entire family.

Perfect example, when moms are butting heads with the daughter, we must decide when to intervene and pray on it. Young boys can be a handful in other situations. Therefore, it’s essential that you lay foundation, and your action speaks louder than your mouth. Your wife met you and got to know you and know I have a man. So act like one. Too many men want to be boys and have the women pick up the slack, and that’s not fair. You became her "King" because you knew how to deal with the good just as much the bad. I say this because when things happen, horrible goes wrong or a situation arises, she is looking at you for agreement and sometimes come up with a plan. Not sitting there like a jack---. No!

Kids look at how dad talks to their mother, take care of the home and check this out the love you give to them and mom. What you do will dictate how your children will be when they are on their own. If you fight and argue all the time and don’t clean it up, they will do the same. If you eat at the table and have a real talk and watch this, pray over everything, they will do the same. I’m just saying dads you dictate the atmosphere in your house. As a family, we need to take on challenges of being a great father and husband and not run from them.

Be blessed, dads.

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