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Dads! Covid-19 is No Joke!

Let us find something positive from the Covid-19 pandemic. Please keep in mind; I wish no sickness or death on no one. The first thing is being able to reset our lives, and many Christians can understand this. It allows you to be rest and read your Bible, and pray more. You are building a relationship with God and learning more about yourself. Secondly, the challenges of a relationship and parenting during this pandemic are real. The relationship with your girlfriend, fiancée, and wife will allow you to find out and be-tested on how well you know each other. It can be mostly good or bad. I’m hoping its all good. Be creative with your love, and you will discover and kindle an entirely new relationship. Parents are working from home or maybe lost their job(s), under each other 24/7, and you have to do well in managing your time. We will get through this, and there is no need to panic, be wise, and listen to all instructions during this time. For children, this is challenging because you see if they have been listening to you or not, being responsible, and accountable for their actions. For the younger ones, you get time to fine-tune their skills in areas they may be falling short. Please keep in mind you practice a lot of patience. I know they are asking you fifty thousand questions and do not get a grasp on what’s happening. Dads and Moms keep them safe and make sure they understand. This is the opportunity to reevaluate ourselves and the ones we allowed in our circle to have a less stressful life. The last and finale thing, drink, exercise, and stay clean. God be with you.

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