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The Importance of Dads

Just recently I was at an appointment with the VA and was saddened when I was waiting to be called. There was this young lady no older then my daughter in the same waiting area I was. From the start, I thought she was with her parent. When I look closer, I could tell she was homeless. She wore sandals; I believe they were shorts and a black long sleeve knitted shirt. It appeared to me she has not bathed for a couple of days. Please keep in mind that she had already walked by doctors, nurses, and many others that work at the Miami VA.

Not one bothered to say, can I help you, young lady? Sadly, to say, we have become a society that is very selfish and many times forget where we came from. Before I had the opportunity to approach her, my doctor called me. The reason why I’m telling this story is because at one time this child had a father and failed her! He did not stay in this child life and be committed to teaching her how to survive in this cruel world. For years the fathers have been bashed because they have failed the mother by just being a dad.


Dads, make a considerable change in that child’s life and, believe it or not, you matter. Grandfathers, stepdads, uncles, brothers, if you are raising a child or children you are their dads. Stay committed. I never said it would be easy; I know it’s not easy. However, whenever my child makes another mile’s stone towards success, it’s worth it. They will love you even when they are not acting right. Another thing dads, you are never too old or too proud to pray over your family and you. You have known how prayer alone can set things in motion for you to be a better dad. DAD’S ARE IMPORTANT IN A CHILD'S LIFE. DADS YOU MATTER!

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