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How Men and Dads Really Feel?

Ladies and wives let me talk to you. Now I know my woman (wife) will be reading this, so ladies this is only to help you understand us, men. Regardless of all these talk shows and therapists who think they know men especially when it is a woman trying to tell us what is on our mind at the time...DONT!

Therefore, I am to talk on when raising our children, and just us in general. When I say we think differently on all things, do not take it personally. We will agree on some things but for the most part, we will not. Before I get started, let me say we love you. Whether it is our son or daughter, our kids will do stupid stuff that will get on our last nerves. As men, we look at the bigger picture especially when they are getting good grades, no cops calling the house, no suspensions from school, and they have pretty much done what we ask up to now. Listen no matter how good and smart a child is they are going to have their moments. It is our job as a parent to make sure it does not get out of hand. We must have patience and find out the source of the problem.

Many times, it is coming from an unexpected source. When it comes to daughters acting in the way that is driving their mother insane because she doesn’t do it like her dad, well it’s been like that for decades. We as fathers have to remind our daughters that you must continue to honor your mother and respect her. Whether we are involved or not with their mother, we as fathers have to be supportive. Now do not get it twisted, that does not mean gives the woman the right to act out or be mean to the father because the daughter or son is giving them hell. Ensure the mother that we have her back when it said and done. We have to remember we have to do what is best for the child and set aside differences. Now let us talk about how we as men think. We are simple creatures; it does not take much to please us. When we are watching a game or show, that does not mean you come and decide I am just going to start a conversation. NO! Do we disturb you when you need to have a drink of wine, a power nap or just a moment to gather yourself? No, we do not. Why because we get it we now that are the woman has been working hard and dealing with a lot of stuff? That is her time. So we say go right ahead baby, you do not have to ask us twice. When you do decide to have a conversation with us please, and it is not your fault, lets have it together. What do I mean you ask? Do not give us a story after two minutes we are done and all we here are blah, blah, blah. Now if it is something we both engaging in then, that is different and even after that its blah, blah, blah. It is not that we do not love you. We do love you we just like to keep it simple, whether its good or bad. This venting whoever created is overrated. Life is to short for it not to be enjoyed!

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