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Dads Celebrate YOU!

I can remember when I was six or maybe seven years old that black boys and men would live until 40 years old. That scared me. We were shot down for NO reason or committed suicide. So I wanted to know why this would happen. I never found my reasoning until I was in my 30's. By then, I was married and a father. Thank God, my mother had me reading the bible, and in church six days out of the week. Monday was the choir rehearsal. Tuesday was church clean up day. Thursday was a prayer meeting. Friday night was a baptism service. Saturday was fish and chicken day, and Sunday preaching day. In all that I had sports and school. I'm 56 years old now, and I have seen and witnessed destruction, bias, and hate. However, I refused to be part of it. My birthday present is to celebrate my wife unconditional love, my daughters who try to give their all to be the best in the gifts God has given them. I celebrate the black families that make it! I rejoice when a student reaches honors. I celebrate dads that have an extraordinary love for their children. Mothers who do all they can to keep the family functioning and together. I am blessed for my sisters, even when we agree or disagree. No matter what, I love them! I have no time for jealousy, foolishness, and people who are arrogant. Being the creator of Dadsbeonduty has helped me love others…it is not about me! Don't forget that love is the key to everything. In conclusion, I am grateful for being 56 years old, alive, and able to help others.

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