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Congratulations to the Class of 2021

To the Graduates from

You may not understand what I am going to say. However, it will only help you, not destroy you. Do not forget what your parents sacrifice and did for you and all the countless hours with you. There were some bumpy roads and smooth ones. Many times, you thought you knew it all, and you did not. You made some crazy decisions, but we still love you. You ran our blood pressure up, but most of the time, you had us smiling. You were challenged by your own peers to join gangs, do drugs and commit hateful acts, but you did not. Your heart was broken, and you lost friends not once but twice. Many times, you wanted to quit. You felt out of place when you did succeed and could not understand why I have no friends. Being a parent, we constantly pray over you and had others pray for you. We were and will continue to be your biggest cheerleader. We love you no matter what.

Therefore, during your journey, you made friends, join teams, and created an identity for yourself. You know what to expect in friendships. You set your goals and accomplished them. You are moving on to the next chapter of your life. You will be scare, but you got this. You will fail, but you get back up and start swinging. It doesn’t matter if you go to college or trade school. You are the best at what you do!

My final words to the class of 2021! Be your own leader, not a follower. Stayed determined and wore it on your chest to never quit. Wake up each day as a new day and opportunity to be great, not average. If you believe in GOD, use him as a credit card day and night. He will carry you through good and evil. The best part protects you from those who wish harm against you.

From CEO Dadsbeonduty Class of 2021, Congratulations!

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