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She's fine as Hell! It's a TRAP!

My Dad's and Men... “She is fine as Hell”!

She walks by you smelling good, showing her goods. Hair is hooked up, nails slayed, and even her toes are on point. She does enough to wheel you in, and your dumb behind falls for it. Once she has you in her web, it's a done deal! You have no skills, and she made you believe I want to have your baby as a way of saying your "D" is so good. The next thing you're doing everything from selling drugs or robbing stores to gives her that lifestyle she never experienced as a child or an adult. She feels her body is her skill set and if you can't come through, she will find a more thuggish brother who can.

A few years later, she doesn't care because now you're in the system locked up. Really? What can you do? Trust me she is talking mad smack to her girls, "Ray-ray ain't "sh@t!" She already has the next brother line up to replace you! She knows one day her body will be damaged goods because she's out there busy trying to be the next Beyonce or Carldi B,. You're better of playing the lotto.

From the time I started dating my parents stressed: “ Not all good p@ssy is good p@ssy.” First of all, if that woman never had a father or good male role model to have a blueprint for getting a good man stay away from her. For example, if you present yourself in a specific type of way, a good man or bad will see you as "hit and leave it". They have no intentions of making your wife. You have your behind out, and breasts are showing and in their mind. They're saying I just want to hit that until I can no more. Dads, don't fall into that trap!

For the woman who is out there making moves by getting their skills to be there own boss without sacrificing their body and is fine as hell, trust me we see you, trust me we want you. A real dad or a real man will have his act together before he even approaches you. Men, we have to break the cycle, because if you have a daughter, the last thing you want to hear or see that she's is a whore! Dads show her how she should be treated so that she prepared what to look for.

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