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Safety for Our Children! Dads YOU Need to be on Duty Now!

We cannot accept what is happening in society. We have to prepare our child and children for unknown dangers. Our children dealing with what we did not experience growing up from elementary to high school, then going to college. What do we do when there are active shooters?

We should be teaching our children about the opportunities available for them if they put in the work. They are not protecting themselves from someone who doesn't like their skin color or nationality. Parents, please do your diligence to find the information to teach our children and children to protect themselves. They don't care about us, and they know it's wrong. We have to stand on this and not lay down on this. Enough is enough! Dads shouldn't have to worry while working at you job or driving home from thinking "Will my child make it home tonight?" We need to pray more than ever did for the safety of our children across the nation. There are people in place trying to justify the shooting and will not do anything. I'm begging you; please take action for the ones you love. Today it seems to do wrong is right. Well, I'm not going to allow this every opportunity I get. I will say what's right and continue to bring the truth.

My prayers go out to the teachers who are not trained but do all they can to protect our children. My prayers go out to the families who lost their loved ones in recent miss shootings.

With love from

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