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Real Dads need to be appreciated.

I’m talking about the dad that handles their business and does what needs to be done. The dad that works overtime to see to your happiness. Everywhere you look in the newspaper, on television, and even on social media, people are quick to talk about all of the good the mothers and ready to talk about the dad who does not.

Hold the hell up! Some dads pay the mortgage, buy groceries and make sure those lights are on. There even dads that take more so you can do whatever you want with your check. Do you hear that hit the papers or media speaking on it? Now listen, I know single mothers who have been in the trenches for those men who refuse to do right. Right now, I’m talking about the men who are! Let me tell ladies, you to know the Dad that in the house handling his business is a good father. 📷Good fathers will wake their child up and make sure the dad doesn’t leave with a hug and kiss, or will not go to sleep until they have prayers, hug and kiss. I’m just saying if you know a dad, a real dad, that is doing good by you and interested in standing by your children let them know it more often and see how the relationship will grow. Much love for my dad’s keeping it real and just do it.

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