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Let's Honor the Mothers!

Dads, let us honor the women in our lives! Mother's day and Happy Birthday to the wife! Mother's day is around the corner, and it's also my wife's birthday; So we start with the Queen of the House. Thank you for all you do, making sure we start our day off well, always having the heart to help others, loving me, loving Jayda unconditionally, and showing love towards your family my family, to name a few. Best of all you love God first and Sports! There is all smiles for that.

Then there is my mother in love who has a heart of gold and love. This woman has shown me what a mother is and does—loving on her son, daughter, and two nieces, others and me. She listened without being judgmental, and always gives sound advice. She loves on people and will pray for them. After all, they need Jesus! Aunt Carol, you have had me laughing from day one, especially since you are Aquarius. We say you are crazy what we really mean to say is "Get over it!"To my (sister) Zanetta, I love you, the only sister that stay around and is Aquarius. Love her kids, nieces and little brother who is big. Every time we get together, it is on… Arlene (sister) will do anything for her children and loves on them. Arneita (sister) we had some crazy times when I was gowning up love you. She will go to hell and back for her children.

Finally to Anna Collins, thank you for giving me life!

So again I want to scream a Happy Mothers Day and Birthday to the wife! Happy Mother's Day to the women in my life.

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