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It’s time dad to know if it is for you or just walk away. Just do not use the word love in vain, especially when you take the time to ask the question in the beginning before it turns into days, month and years. Fathers should be with someone who will love you than it is easier for you to enjoy them. "Call me" "Talk to me," say "You miss me?" or "How was your day?" That woman should spend time with you because they want to. Take time and get crazy with one another. Laugh so hard your face is going to fall off and never regret what you two do together in agreement. When things are not right, reach out and just hug her. Be a good listener and sometimes just let her vent and say nothing. See a comedy show, a game or a concert. Never feel age makes the difference because love always keeps the relationship pure through the good and bad. Pray together and for one another, you have known idea this goes a long way. Surprise her by just being you and she we will do the same. Keeping it simple also goes a long way. Just do not use love in vain. I tell you something that to things I know the woman loves is a message just because and you know how to give one just because. My last one is when she comes home and after the kids are asleep or things have settled down, turn on music and dance with her. When you do something, always do it just because she is your queen. Do it fathers for the one you want to be with for the rest of your life. Just do it right! When you wake up in the morning, and you look her and smile, "She is the one!"

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