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Dads Mental health No Joke!

It's been a minute dads! It was never my attention to stop inspiring others through my writing. Even though we are two years or more through Covid-19 it caught me off guard. My daughter did a seminar and spoke about mental health in Ted talk and the challenges students had while being at home. Having no social interaction. No one took it seriously that even adults were also feeling a certain type of way until a few celebrities spoke on their mental breakdown. when you try to get help and your working in a professional environment. You are told, you are just going through a tough time, pray about it, your situations are not that serious. So I guess it's serious when you want to commit suicide or do body harm to your self. We shouldn't be waiting for that. The system has to change. There are millions of people hurting and need assistance and we turn a blind eye. By then it's too late. Dads, mothers and parents your mental state is important. You don't get help, you start to lose your self esteem, start questioning everything, feel worthless, you isolate yourself, crying out of the blue, blaming yourself or spouse. Don't allow Satan to destroy you. You are needed and loved. God does love you. So when one door shut, find another and get help! From where we talk about real issues and "Empowered Dads to be on duty"

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