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Dads hug your children tighter!

Fathers, we must continue to influence our child or children. In these times, we must pray and think wisely. Our children are watching us and seeing how we handle adversity. It's essential to talk and take the time to instill the value and goals so they are prepared for a world that may or not accept us. When we succeed, dads will prevail. I love the fact that my daughters bug me and ask me questions. I may not have the answer sometime, trust me I will get it. When a child, teenager, is reaching out, it is a positive thing. It is a line of communication that you want to continue; trust me. It's better to know now than later. You, as a dad, can plan and implement your child's path. Listen, I can not stress the importance of being in your child's life. I live it, breathe it and pray on it being a day. I see with my own eyes the blessing my ladies received by me being active, even though I’m tired and sometimes running on empty. I encourage ladies to get the fathers to see and follow my, and you are surprised that one of my bloggers lives in. I have a passion for helping those fathers who want to be better dads! We all need to learn from one another. Peace and love, dads!

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