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Closing Thoughts for 2018

As the CEO of, it is my pleasure to wish you a blessed Happy Holidays. With that said don't ever take family or family members for granted when they take their time and money to make you part of something special. Then you go home being self-centered and selfish. GROW UP! We must remember that many are without food, the roof over their heads or clothes and we must teach our children to be humble. Families are one of the things as dads that we are truly blessed with. When growing as a man that's a father, husband, and a provider, it's important to set an example. Your family should be a reflection of you. God should be able to look at you and say "Well done." I'm not afraid to stand and speak as a father, husband, and man I followed my advice. God, patience, and learning to listen will take you far in everything you want to be successful in life.

Finally, changes happened in my personal life. I got married this year. Marriage is useful when you put God first, and you have a foundation of being each other best friend. This way she knows you, and you know her. May God bless you and your family and blessings entering the New Year 2019.

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