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Special Thank You's in 2017 from D.B.O.D.

I am forever thankful for those who have supported the It has been a fantastic year. It gives me so much joy and happiness when I can empower or encourage others to be the best dads they can be regardless of their circumstances or situations they may encounter in life. Fathers love can significantly influence a child or children success. A woman should always encourage or be with a man that wants to father that child with love. Whether it is a father, stepfather, and grandpa, you are still the father that has raised the child or children through elementary, middle and high school you are a DADS BE ON DUTY (D.B.O.D).

I want to thank my job SSA Management Team for allowing me to speak for an hour every now and then. I want to thank 99 Jamz, 103.5 the Beat and Tom Joyner show 105.1 FM for the support of allowing everyone to know about Dadsbeonduty. I want to thank the Chicago magazine “Just Me Magazine” and Our City Weston for featuring me. I want to thank Broward County Public Schools for allowing me to speak to the teachers, faculty, and children throughout the year. I want to give a shout out, and a thank you

The Faith Center Men & Women's Ministries, and especially Kevin Tucker and Bishop Henry Fernandez. I have nothing but love for all of you and trust me I am not perfect god still working with me.

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