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Parenting During the Pandemic

Dads and parents, your children are not in charge because they are home more. Dads, we need to be more firm, loving and calm when we give direction, including mothers. We do not allow the child or children to dictate how the home should be. Let me make myself more straightforward. A child is not your friend. He pays no bills or puts food on the table. I see all these parents doing Tik-Tok, and god knows what else. I am not saying it is a bad thing, but you teach them how to make it on their own and live productive lives. Many of you need Jesus. More children that are over 18 are coming back home because they are not prepared to handle life. Remember! What are mothers, aunts, grandmothers, fathers, uncles, and grandfather instilled in us. We learn how to deal with peer pressure, make friends, and make better choices that the outcome is positive. They need to be more accountable, do not lie because it is more accessible. You will be punished. Stop doing what these other kids are doing that causes you to get a foot in the butt or mother spanking (grab your own switch). FYI children and families do not run my home. I do not get any assistants to my child’s success; remember this parent. Trust me, there is going to be that one child saying I will call DCF. Ok, you will have a better life with them. Many kids today have parents that have blessed them with all the world has to offers them, and they act as if they are running things and have their nose so far up in the air. Reality check! Hold on player, slow your role. Then you have those kids who feel I am bigger or taller I do what I want. They are a child. You make it clear to them you will not disrespect me or raise your voice. You can meet Jesus! Lately, these kids act as if they rule the world and remind parents not to lose their joy and peace of mind because a child or children decided to de unruly. Deal with them and move on, and say I love you.


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