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It's Been Years Dads

I'm sitting here at Pinewood Elementary, waiting to speak to a group of kids. It warms my heart to see the dads dropping them off and showing genuine love for them. Many years it has been the mother that would attend the parental meetings, do the school work, and drop off the kids. My goal is to change the interaction of not just moms, but dads are there too. A Moms love for a child never dies, but a dad's love and being there is priceless to a child. Dads, there is so much work that needs to be done, we have to reinvent ourselves to be available more than ever. The truth of the matter kids is dealing with a lot more than what we went through. We have to stay informed and educated to assist our children. We definitely have to change the dynamics of speaking to one another about our kids. Dads stay strong and stay motivated. We got this!

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