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Dads love your wife, fiancé, or girlfriend going through challenges.

Have some of you scratched your head on this one and trying to figure out what he is talking about? You've been in a relationship for years, and then boom! She asks you, "Baby, I need help." In your mind, you're like everything is ok. What going on now? When an individual has been abused in the past, whether mentally and/or physically, and never dealt with it until they are in a better place, it can be challenging. She may think they don't deserve to have happiness or when they have been mishandled for an extended time. They will always look over their back and sometimes do not make eye contact with you. They may even cry when you're not around and often don't tell you. They will put on the face so you don't get wind of it that there is a problem. When you two have an issue, and it could be minor to you, but to them, their world is crashing. I recall many years when I had to deal with a problem. I thank my counselor because being abandoned is no joke, and I had it bad as a grown man.

So, I will help you and give a few tips that go a long way. Don't run away if you truly love her. Help her get the assistance she needs. Be a good listener and try to understand. Don't try to push or pull and try to fix it. Continue to pray for her and love her. Take baby steps one day at a time. Allow her to talk to you when she wants to share something, especially her progress. Encourage her and get her back into the things you know she enjoyed. Again, hug and love on her. Right now, the one you love is all over the place, and the support for her recovery needs to come from you, friends, family, and even your church. When she smiles and laughs, make sure you are right there with her. Get her out of the house for mini-dates.

From, God bless!

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