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Change is Coming

Justice, justice, justice! Dads breathe. Moms, you can celebrate, cry, and do a praise dance!

We have been stepped on, lie on, and disrespected, and as dads, we have to be able to shine a light of hope to our children. We let them know that change is coming, and you will not have to go through what I did. These last two years, I have prayed, get angry, and cry for protection over our children. Many of your parents have felt this way, with the senseless killing of defenseless individuals. However, we have come together, united as one to show our children this is not accepted. Too often, those individuals have felt they were above the law, and no one would convict them. I don’t think any knows how hard it is that you have to give an excuse why they will not serve you, work with you, play with you or be in the same room with you. Racism is something you are not born with; however, it is taught. We have been breaking chains for centuries. We have finally seen people not afraid to give a verdict that is justified by the crime. One family has gotten closure and many more to come. Dads, we must continue to stay in our child life to encourage them to keep on the right path. Love them, and show them not so much what comes out your mouth. The children we raise today will change the world in many ways. One of the most important things to do for parents is to have an outlet to just get Krazy (have fun). Change is coming!

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